$6 liquid lipsticks!!

Hey loves so a couple of weeks ago i went to Ross and came across these liquid lipstick while browsing through the aisles.  I also found some other goodies that i will be sharing in  upcoming posts. As you all know liquid lipsticks are a huge trend right now and are in high demand. Even online stores, celebrities are even coming out with their own. These liquid lipsticks have a retail value of $10.00 however Ross always have discounted prices so i picked it up for only $6.99, which to me was an offer that i couldn't  pass up.
Below this post you will find my video featuring the entire kit.

Retail value: $10 but were discounted to $6.99 at Ross dress for less
Pros: Pigmented, Moisturizing and great color selection
Cons: Apply at least 2 coats to get a bolder color. Don't get so much product inside

would i recommend it?
In my opinion they are pigmented for the price and perfect if you want to experiment with bold colors. They are also moisturizing and last just like any other lipstick its defiantly not long wearing by all means. I say try them if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone


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