Dodo lashes

Today i am going to talk about my favorite lashes of the time, If you have not heard of dodo lashes you my friends are totally missing out! Dodo lashes are 100% mink lashes they offer so many different styles from the most natural to the most glamorous. And wait i haven't even told you the best part... THEY ARE ONLY $5 WHAT!!!!
i know what your are probably thinking but it's true.  Considering how expensive mink lashes can be this is a bargain 
 I have been using them nonstop ever since i first wore them to the Hispanize Houston event which by the way i got lots of compliments of how beautiful my makeup looked.

*when removing your lashes*
  • Make sure to use remove them carefully since the are mink lashes you have to be extra careful, you don't want to damage the lash causing to loose any lash hairs 

*cleaning your eyelashes*
  • Take some tweezers and carefully remove the left over lash glue or if you prefer use you nails to do this step
  • wet  a q-tip with a oil free makeup remover and clean the lash band as well as the actual lashes. i have to be totally honest i took a bit of alcohol and did the same thing and i lost a few lash hairs so you defiantly have to be extra careful. like i mention you don't want to damage the lash and cause the lashes to loose their shape. so i would stay away from cleaning them with alcohol
 I also want to thank Dodo lashes for sending me this for review purposes, You guys have defiantly started a new addiction

* My overall opinion*
I think they are amazing i will defiantly be ordering more for my makeup kit for sure . 
i cant wait to see how beautiful my clients are going to look with them.
You need to order them like now! lol

Here are some pictures of the looks i created with them.

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