Houston Latina Bloggers at CHI

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Farouk Systems and Lopez Marketing.

Meeting people that have a very inspirational success story is what motivates me to keep aiming toward my goals. Friday, February 19, 2016, the Houston Latina bloggers had an amazing opportunity to partner up with Farouk systems and their campaign with Biosilk and  Chi.

We got to take a tour of the headquarters here in Houston, learn about their company and how they got started. I have been a fan of  CHI hair products for such a long time. Actually, my first ever hair straightener was the CHI ceramic hair styling iron. 

Not only did we get a tour but we had the opportunity to meet Basim Shami who is the CEO of Farouk systems and son of Farouk Shami, the man that created Farouk Systems. We also had the opportunity to meet Jose Luis Lopez who is the CEO & founder of Lopez Marketing Group, which is a Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations agency who provides   advertising and branding for businesses such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Johnson&Johnson and many more.

Our day began with a tour of their warehouse, where boxes were filled with product ready to be shipped and employees were busy using all kinds of machines to help with the production process. After that, we headed back to get an exclusive look at where their social media and  their marketing was done unfortunately this was exclusive to us so no photography was allowed in there.

We then headed to see their salon where they gave us a brief background story on who Farouk Shami is and his incredible idea to come up with the first ammonia free hair care system. But this was not all, we also got to meet two fabulous ladies who gave us a presentation all about Farouk Systems and even a sneak peak of their  upcoming 2016 product releases.

Guys all I have to say is to stay tuned because you are all going to love everything that will be coming out soon. To end this incredible day we sat down and introduced ourselves and enjoyed a delicious lunch with Basim Shami and Jose Luis and their team. I have to admit even though I am great at public speaking I was a bit nervous. It was incredible to hear the amount of charity they have done for the public, they even helped salon owners who were affected by hurricane Sandy by donating 1 million in CHI and Bio silk product to help them restart their businesses. 

This comes to show you how humble and incredible human beings these people are. I want to thank Basim, Jose Luis and all of their team as well as the Houston Latina bloggers for providing this amazing experience that I will never forget.  They were also so generous to provide us with their products which I will be doing a review on very shortly so stay tune.
Houston Latina Bloggers at Chi
Photo credit HLB & CHI Espanol 

Houston Latina Bloggers at Chi

Houston Latina Bloggers at Chi
Houston Latina Bloggers posing with Basim Shami 

Houston Latina Bloggers at Chi
Thank you ladies for the awesome presentation 

Houston Latina Bloggers at Chi
CHI Headquarters
Houston Latina Bloggers at Chi

Things you might want to know about Farouk systems and CHI

  • Farouk systems was establish 1986 and expanded in 2013
  • They manufacture products and tools under the brands of CHI, BioSilk, Chi Man,CHI Pet and Sunglitz 
  • Their products are exported to over 100 countries worldwide and over 9,000 store & retail a few including Macy's Nordstrom, Ulta and many more.
  • Provide jobs for more than 2000 people 
  • have worked and been seen on Univision, NBC CNN and many more
  • Have agreement with Univision Communications Inc. (Despierta America)
  • are great sponsors for Miss Universe, Miss USA 
  • Have lines and partnerships with celebrities like Kardashian Beauty 
  • Zendaya is the new spokesperson for CHI Haircare.


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