New little project

So with being a mom and having my daughter running around jumping on the couches the idea of brand new white sofas wasn't a option. Recently me and my husband had talk about the style we wanted but lets be totally honest the couches that we wanted  were not going to remain white no matter how much we took care of it. So a option came to my head upholstery yea repurpose my old couch. I really wanted a new living room set but it kinda upset me that I would have to get rid of the livingroom I already had its in perfect condition of course the material is a bit dirty because we did get them passed down from someone. So I started doing my research of how I can transform my old couch to a beautiful off white couch. I started by removing one side if the couch which by the way I recommend having a staple remover for heavy duty purposes. It was a pain in the butt because I unfortunately didn't have one on hand. I was taking one by one I saw that the project would take more time that I had expected. Knowing I willapart
aving family over next sometime this upcoming weeks I knew I might have to just buy fabric and make my own slipcover. I came across many blogs that recommend painters drop cloths and even bed sheets so I think that will be my option for now. I would like to add some tufted buttons but we will see. I can't wait to show you my finish product

Here is how I started to take it apart

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