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So the past weekend i got the chance to go to a vintage fashion show
i have never hear of such a thing, i thought it would be similar to thrift shopping but i was completely incorrect. Don't get me wrong i love going to the thrift store i  feel like its just like a treasure hunt because you will be able to find really unique pieces that you can combine with other pieces and create a beautiful outfit. Let me tell you vintage shopping has became my latest obsession going to this event really got me more motivated into getting more into fashion. I have always had a thing for fashion i remember how in middle school i will embellish my own shirts added sequins lace or rite about anything to my jeans and skirts. i loved going to my local library and picking my magazines and tring to make whatever i saw that was the latest trends. I mention in a video that immediately when i go shopping for clothes i picture make makeup hairstyle and what else i can pair it with so bascically  i have always loved fashion. Vintage shopping has showed me how the era of fashion has evolve over the years and how trends that were used back them are Incorporated now into the latest trends today just wored differently or with other articles of clothing.
Here's a preview at what you will be able to find. They are not open to the public however Nico did tell me that every last Saturday of the month they have get together where refreshments are served, music is played for people to come on over and shop and just have a great time in general.
Fashion should be fun and a way to express your own individuality. Here are some pictures i took Enjoy!
I had an amazing time learning everything about this place like were the clothes come from where they get shipped and more. I will defiantly be back
Special thanks to Nico for taking the time to show me around and explaining more about this buisness.
Make sure to follo them here

These are the amazing illustration from Eva Duplan, seriously she has an amazing talent you defiently need to check her out
heres her instagram

If you live in Houston you will totally agree with me, the weather here is crazy one day is rainy cold then the next day is in the highs so kind of a bi polar place but i wouldn't change it for anything. Ive  live in Louisiana and Texas to me is home. Anyways so the beautiful Lerenda and the other MUA's decided to take the advantage of the beautiful day by doing the models makeup outside.
Here we have Lerenda and this is her instagram
make sure to check her out. She also has a blog and is an amazing lady 

These were the fabulous girls that model the oufits you can find links to their blogs on my instagram

 Here is her instagram, she is such a sweetheart make sure you go follow her

The beautiful Karen also came to help out with the models makeup. I had an awesome time getting to know here
cant wait to catch up with her again . Feel free to follow her on twitter

Not only did Heather organized this event she also styled the oufits, the oufits were really original and they looked amazing
This was the oufits for the first part of the show,the girls didn't just looked great but also did awesome modeling the outfits.
Here is the 2nd part of the show

Special thanks to Nico and the rest of the staff which are super nice and helpful. They explain everything about their business and answered any of my questions. Overall i had a blast with all of these beautiful ladies i want to thanks Heather for inviting me and introducing me to my new obsession Vintage! For more pictures and links to all the girls visit my Instagram.

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