The Impeccable Pig Blogger Event

The days here in Houston had been not so great but good thing it all cleared up by the time we arrived to the event.
It had actually been the first time i ever went to this boutique i defiantly will be  going back they had the latest trends in clothing jewelry and handbags.
The color scheme was totally screaming spring,everything was so organize and we'll put together. As a costumer when I go to stores I am immediately attracted to color I also check to see  how well the place is organized and how clean it looks and this place totally met my standards. It is a place that is perfect for a girl shopping trip get the perfect gifts and just hang out.
i also got to reconnect with some of the fellow bloggers/ friends and met some new ones too as well.
they provided us bloggers with delicious treats and drinks. not to mention the staff there is amazing super polite and helpful.
The event was held at 2511 University Blvd, Houston, TX 77005
I definitely recommend you to visit it and see for yourself 
Overall i had an amazing time with all of the beautiful ladies. I took some picture so enjoy!

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