Broadway by Kiss press on nails

So press on nails are totally coming back I don't know about you guys but when I think of press on nails I can't help to think of my back in the days. It's weird because I have always use this particular brand I particularly have always hate going to the nail salon I can never stand the smell of the acrylic plus I always get bored of having the same design or color so I have always prefer  press ons.  looks like they have made a tremendous change since now a days they offer from basic french time to the designs on them to even stiletto which has been the latest trend.
plus if you are a busy on the go mom I bet you could totally relate and say that you definitely don't time for that. I love that am able to do it in the convince of my own home and it literally took me less that an hour which was a thumbs up for me.

Questions you guys might have?

How much? Well that will depend on where you find them. I actually found mine at a dollar store. I know big score since I have seen them at other store for $6 to even $7

How long do they last?
Considering I am a wife/mommy I am always cleaning cooking and just everyday life I was totally surprised because they actuality lasted a total of 3 weeks maybe even more before the started chipping and I had to remove them. (How to put apply press on nails coming soon to my channel)

Will I recommend?
Totally, run like now see if you can score them at a local dollar store. Another thing I forgot to mention is this particular nails come in all sizes and length plus they have a moon which gives them a very natural look to them which  totally makes them look like you actually went to the salon.

The set also comes with a cuticle pusher nail glue and a nail file. I normally always like to use my own glue for some reason.

But shhh it our secret!
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Xoxo Karla 

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