Sun Labs my new addiction

So i was actually going to blog about this topic yesterday at nigh time but was too tired that decided to wait. Anyways before i get off track i want to let you know that Sun Labs recently send me their sun labs tanning kit for me to review.
So last night was the 2nd time that i actually gave it another chance, my first time wasn't really the best. I i just applied way too much product and not in the right way so i ended up super orange (not the best look) lol.
I then contacted Sun Lab and told them about what had happened and the lady that explain to me what i should have done. and the result were totally different
I hope this video down below can explain everything.
Here is the direct link where you can order yours now get 10% off on your entire order by entering this coupon code: 0214

*great smell
*drys quick
*leaves skin felling smooth
*even application\
*comes with a defoliator (most tanners don't)
*washes off to a beautiful tan
* the tan will not come off or look blotchy (i experience that with many other tanners)
*tan last about 1 week while using the maintainer


*make sure not to get water on you for about 3-6 hours(I tan overnight)
if you get some water it will create white spots
* don't over apply to feet or hands this tanner does go a long way
*most important don't forget to exfoliate. Not such before you self tan start prepping skin a week before using the product.
*wear gloves or be extra careful
*don't over tan this tanner will not come off even with the defoliator

absolutely just be extra careful and follow all the instructions that are provided on the bottle

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